Local Sod Installation Specialists At Your Service In Flower Mound TX

Growing grass seeds and nurturing them into a lawn sounds like a fun idea, until you realized that it takes a huge amount of effort, not to mention that it could take months before you get to see a luscious green lawn in your landscape. They are very vulnerable to weather conditions as well; just a day of heavy rainfall or the hot glazing sun could be enough to flush all your hard work down the drain.

Instead of going through all that pain, why not just go with sods? They don’t look much different from grass, and you can have it installed in one day and enjoy the green lawn in your landscape immediately. Way faster, more time for yourself, and less headache!

There are various types of sods to choose from, depending on your application as well as then sunlight and shade that your area is getting. No worries if you are uncertain of which type of sod to go for, as our team will advise you on the best option based on your preferences and budget.

Sod Installation

There are a few things that we need to prepare on your landscape before we proceed with sod installation:

  • Get rid of old landscaping, grass, weed and debris
  • Grade the soil to make sure that it’s leveled
  • Add compost to the soil
  • Lay out the sods on the soil and cut out the pieces to fit the landscape

Once the new sods are installed, the next thing that should be set up is irrigation sprinklers to ensure that the sods receive sufficient amount of water.

Sod Replacement

Sometimes tragedies could happen to your lawn due to unforeseen circumstances, and it might start dying. Of course, you should do everything you can to save it by applying fertilizers and weed control techniques, but there is a chance that your lawn has gone to the point of no return and needs to be replaced. In that case, our team will visit your landscape and inspect the reason that caused the death of the lawn. The most common reasons are insects, fungal diseases, or malfunctioned irrigation sprinklers. We will only replace the sods once we have rectified the issue.

Leave your details and we will work on your sod right away! For faster response, call us at (972) 632-1452.