Local Irrigation Sprinkler Specialists At Your Service In Flower Mound TX

Still watering your lawn with a hose? That is such an outdated method… not to mention that it is extremely inefficient and time consuming. Your lawn might even end up getting insufficient amount of water and start dying, and all your hard work and money that is spent into beautifying your lawn will go down the drain.

It’s time to upgrade your landscape with automation! An irrigation sprinkler not a new technology, but it surely is a vital tool in ensuring that your lawn is getting the right amount of water consistently without fail throughout the entire year. In addition to that, it has proven to be a huge time saver for tens of thousands of homeowners, as they no longer have to spend time watering their lawn on a daily basis.

However, not all irrigation sprinklers are made equal. If it is cheap and poorly designed, then it won’t do any good to your lawn. You should consult irrigation sprinkler professionals like us for a well-designed solution that is tailored to your landscape with several factors taken into consideration, such as the size and design of landscape, the type of lawn, the type of soil, and the amount of water required. The system will also be designed to be as effective, efficient and sustainable as possible, retaining most of the water in the landscape with minimal water wastage.

Irrigation Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance

It is recommended to get your irrigation sprinkler checked by a professional every year in early spring to ensure that it will continue to operate properly throughout the summer. It is better to be safe than sorry here, as some issues that are detected in the early stages .

Here are some of the things that we check for during inspection, and we can start repairing immediately if the problem is present:

  • Damage on sprinkler heads
  • Cracks and leakage along the irrigation line
  • Leakage and clogs on valves and emitters
  • Proper functioning of the backflow preventer

Irrigation Sprinkler Upgrade

Water restrictions are already implemented in some cities in Texas, which means that irrigation sprinklers are only allowed to be run twice a week in most cities, and it won’t be surprising to see more cities to follow suit in the near future. If your irrigation sprinkler system is not updated, watering on a twice per week basis can be detrimental to your lawn and totally destroy it, especially during the hot summer season. Therefore, it is essential to upgrade your system to one that allows more watering time with minimal water usage, ensuring that all parts of your landscape receive sufficient amount of water while reducing water wastage.

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